Join Bonnie Druschel as she takes you away to the beautiful and enchanting world of sunflowers. This exquisite collection of sunflowers is not only a favorite among flower lovers, but is a perfect getaway for anyone who just wants to enjoy the warmth and make you adore the simplicity and beauty of nature.

“At times, I would just be still and admire the butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and birds. I felt as if I was a sunflower. I wanted to give the viewer an experience as if they were a human butterfly and what that might feel like.”

~ Bonnie Druschel

Bonnie Druschel has spent her whole life living close to nature. Her love for sunflowers spawned when she visited her first sunflower maze in Western Massachusetts in her thirties. Since then she has visited a number of mazes throughout the country and has shown great interest in sharing her experience with all the people out there.


The Sunflower Artist…“Inspiring the Feeling of Good”

My whole life I have been surrounded by flowers, trees, and gardens. For years my grandparents were onion farmers in western Massachusetts. And, my love of sunflowers was a gift from my Babchi (Polish for grandmother) Sophie who taught me how to grow my own sunflowers when I was just a child. I am forever grateful!

Bonaventure (Bonnie) Druschel is known for inspiring people and is often referred to as the “Sunflower Spirit.” Bonnie is an Inspirational Artist, Author, and Life and Nature Coach. She developed a deep love of the healing powers of nature’s beauty while growing up surrounded by the lush gardens and farmland of her grandparents in western Massachusetts.

“I believe nature heals. It has always been my inspiration in art and in life. I can go out into the woods or stroll through a garden and come out feeling happy and relaxed.”

Bonnie has spoken at women’s conferences and continues to work as a guide helping women transform their lives.

“I love being a guide FOR women; to see them become happier and more relaxed. Being loving and kind to ourselves while doing things that make us happy is what makes the process of transformation a whole lot easier.”

Bonnie’s story is included in Louise Hay’s book, “Modern Day Miracles.” She has authored one book of her own: “Sunflower Adventure: Always Facing The Sun,” and is known for her inspiring artwork and photographs. In addition to her photographs gracing the billboard-style screens on 42nd street in New York City, Bonnie’s artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. In the marketplace, her work has been commissioned for inspirational giftware and a host of commercial venues.

Bonnie lives in western Massachusetts with her husband, Tom, and their two cats Bacardi and Kato.


Bonaventure is a gifted photographer! One like I’ve never seen before! I don’t know how to explain it, but when you’re looking at her photos of these gorgeous Sunflowers, somehow you get healing! Each photo is filled with Bonaventure’s love and inspiration. She makes you feel like you’ve just walked through that field of 350,000 Sunflowers with her on that day she took these photos. The quotes flowing throughout the book connect you to your soul and make you think about your own journey. What will your quote be after looking at these photos?
~ Joanne D.

This book is full of beautiful photos taken in a field full of big beautiful sunflowers. Great for a coffee table or a waiting room. Can be enjoyed by all ages. Just lovely!
~ Anna M.

We purchased this beautiful book for our reception area and everyone loves it. It brings sunshine to a dreary day. The author did a fabulous task of taking some amazing pictures. As you flip through the pages, you can almost feel how the author must have felt walking through the flowers and you want to do the same. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to brighten their day! Great job! I hope she produces another book of sunshine and warmth! Thank you.
~ Bruce C.

This is an absolutely gorgeous book with a positive inspirational message. It is a boost-your-mood experience. Very simple and mainly conveyed through the striking pictures of the sunflowers, it is the perfect gift for someone you know who could use uplifting or for yourself to pick up when you need a boost. A great holiday choice!
~ Lin B.

In my book Sunflower Adventure: Always Facing The Sun…You’ll find beautiful sunflower photos that will bring a smile to your face…And a little joy to your heart. My photographic creations have been called “Whimsical, inspiring, and uplifting,” and I hope that they make you feel this way as well. Purchase Sunflower Adventure: Always Facing The Sun today. I know you’ll be pleased with what you find inside.

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  • One sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds.
  • You should harvest sunflowers in the morning, not the afternoon.
  • A dried sunflower makes a unique, natural bird feeder.
  • The French word for sunflower is “tournesol,” which means “turns with the sun.”
  • The stem of a sunflower can grow up to 10 feet tall and the flower head can be 11.8 inches wide.
  • Sunflowers are very fast-growing plants, in the right conditions they can grow 8-12 feet tall in six months.
  • As of 2012, the Guinness World Record for the tallest sunflower is 8.23 m (27 ft) for a sunflower grown in Germany.


Take all the negative stuff that has happened to you in your life and transform it – let it go – turn it into positives.

It’s a fact! Did you know that sunflowers remove, stabilize, and/or destroy contaminants in our soil, water, and air? It’s a process called phytoremediation. Thousands of sunflowers were planted in Ukraine following the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, and at the 2011 disaster site at Fukushima in Japan, which was struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. How amazing is that?


The color YELLOW for Vincent Van Gogh was an emblem of happiness!